Coffee tin manufacturer / importer


The scent of freshly ground coffee caresses the room and fills the air.
What a wonderful thought!
You have the coffee for this scene in your assortment. What you are missing is an appealing, high-quality packaging?
With competence, creativity and know-how we are here as manufacturer / importer for coffee tins from the Far East with our knowledge in the implementation to your side.
You benefit from the good purchase prices and can process your order with a company based in Germany.
We take care of compliance with specifications, guidelines and standards. Our team on site in the Far East carries out the quality control on your behalf and accompanies the production.
We take over the topic of customs, import restrictions and the like for you and are therefore also responsible for the liability of the goods as a "distributor".
Result: we, as specialized manufacturer / importer of tins and tin packaging , are the correct partner for the realization of your desire packing
and that in their native language and without you having to concern yourselves with the numerous legal, logistic and other tasks.
Know How is our business!