Straight on the road, the quality of the packaging shows itself and presents itself from its most important side. And of course this applies not only to large, but also - and especially - small souvenirs. The packing is the Clou and sets the article skillfully in scene. A suitcase, as a tin special production in the miniature format is one of the numerous possibilities to flatter articles and to give them a long-term, environmentally friendly and attention-grabbing packaging. For details and designs we are at your disposal as your creative partner

A suitcase, as a miniature tin can - a solvable challenge for a custom-made product.Markus Bothner, CEO

Individuality can be increased with us. If you want to have your tin processed in an even more exclusive way, please inform yourself about our refinement techniques or simply give us a call. We will be happy to advise you.


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