Metal packaging for the household

Practical helpers for the kitchen, the workshop or the hobby

For optimal shelf life, foods such as pasta, sugar, or rice should be stored in a dry place. Our metal tins for the household are an ideal solution for this. But also outside the pantry and the kitchen, tin boxes in the household are a popular and practical way of storage.

Offer your customers metal tins for a wide range of household applications - our experts will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right tins for your requirements.

The advantages of our high-quality tin boxes for the household:

  • food safe
  • opaque & aroma-tight
  • stable & stackable
  • ecological because it is durable and reusable
  • adherence to EU-wide standards and specifications & Directives
  • individual design according to your ideas
  • multiple finishing techniques for the appropriate presentation

Shelves for which purpose - tin boxes are an all-rounder in the household. Thanks to various sealing techniques and the high-quality material, the contents are protected from environmental influences and the taste and smell of the food is preserved. But our metal packaging is not only ideal for food. Household accessories such as washing powder, detergents and small parts can also be stored in a space-saving and stable manner. If the storage box is also beautifully designed, it will stand out on the supermarket shelf, in the home laundry room or in the workshop.

Under products you can be inspired regarding forms, implements and specials. But we will also be happy to respond to your individual ideas.

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