Sheet metal packaging - manufacturer and importer of metal and tin boxes finds the right solution for your industry

Different industries require diverse packaging solutions that are optimally adapted to the specific requirements of the respective business segment. has many years of experience as a link to our manufacturers in the Far East of tin packaging and metal boxes, which are used in various industries. This experience makes us your competent partner for packaging that has to meet special requirements. Simply approach us - we will be happy to support you.

  • Profit from our many years of experience and expertise for countless industries
  • Metal packaging - tailored to your individual requirements! Whichever goal you pursue - we realise the desired tin for your industry
  • Uncomplicated handling from a single source: we take care of all legal & logistical matters from order to delivery

Industry and application examples of our metal packaging

Food industry

Tinplate or metal boxes from are 100% food-safe and are used in a wide range of applications for packaging food and luxury foods. Coffee tins from  tinplate are particularly popular because they retain the coffee aroma for a particularly long time. The odour neutrality of our metal packaging is also well suited for tea-  and spice tins . Due to the countless design possibilities of our tins, we additionally enable you to produce high-quality seasonal packaging - for example in the form of heart-shaped tins for Valentine's Day or spherical cans for Christmas. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to designing tin packaging for the food industry. You will find an overview of our wide range of food packaging here.

Beverage and spirits industry

High quality spirits are often a gift for friends, a give-away for company partners or a small present for social evenings. 70% of purchase decisions are made when the drink is selected at the point of sale. With high-quality and original metal packaging for your spirits or your drink, you can convince your customers exactly there. Together with you, we create a holistic product experience, from the marketing message in branding to the unique feel and appearance of your packaging. In this way you receive a packaging design that not only attracts more attention on the retail shelf, but also has a collector's character and is gladly stored by your customers. Here you will find our tin packaging for your beverage and spirits products.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical products are often particularly sensitive and must be protected from external influences - as a tin packaging manufacturer, we provide absolute product protection in terms of diffusion density, solvent resistance and much more. These properties are offered by our metal packaging for the pharmaceutical sector and can also be individually designed and are durable. From attractively designed plaster boxes to practical tablet boxes, we always offer you the right solution for the challenges of your industry - learn more about our tin packaging for the pharmaceutical sector.

Cosmetics industry

In a highly competitive market such as the cosmetics industry, it is all the more important to stand out from the competition. With the right tin packaging for your cosmetic products, you will attract more attention. Through various finishing techniques and closure options we create an eye-catcher on the shelf with you. Combined with a high-quality and appealing interior, your packaging becomes the communicative stage for a strong brand presence. In addition, your product is protected from environmental influences such as moisture by tin packaging. Discover here our metal packaging for the cosmetics industry!