The tin with the plus

Extraordinary tins and metal packaging with added benefits

Take advantage of the double marketing effect now - with our innovative tins with additional benefits: сonsumers like to store a beautifully designed tin in order to store nail polish, pens or clothes pegs, for example. But our tinplate boxes and metal boxes with the Plus can do even more. They can also be used as clocks, thermometers or calendars. This gives them an additional benefit and makes them even more versatile.

The additional benefit increases the attractiveness of the content and encourages the end customer to buy. With the right look, your goods will become an eye-catcher on the shelf and the metal tins will become a coveted collector's item.

Discover together with us the incredible variety of the metal packaging world. We look forward to meeting you.

Extraordinary tins

Not only we can do more, our cans can do it too!Markus Bothner, CEO

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