Metal packaging forms as diverse as your product range

We at certainly have the right tin packaging for your product. In addition to classic rectangular tins, we offer tin boxes in all conceivable shapes - from round and oval tins to special shapes. We manufacture our tin boxes according to your individual wishes and adapt the packaging form optimally to your product. We are also happy to fulfil your special wishes. Because metal packaging in special shapes such as suitcases, hearts or balls is not only an eye-catcher on certain holidays.

Whatever metal packaging form you have in mind - we at will implement your desired shape!

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Rectangular tins - practical packaging with additional benefits

Rectangular tins are the classic among tins. Known for their many product variants such as square coffee tins, square tea tins or square biscuit tins, they are an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Rectangular tins are not only particularly stable, they also offer a great deal of freedom when it comes to finishing and tins design.

Through a targeted design of your square tin packaging, these stand out from the multitude of competing products and thus increase the probability of a purchase.  Due to the longevity of the material, the tins often remain in use for longer periods of time - whether as a storage box in the household, decoration object or gift packaging. We at produce rectangular tins in all dimensions and sizes according to your specifications. We implement your wishes individually!

Round tins - the tin packaging with special charm

We are also your partner for round products. Round tin can packaging in any size - naturally tailored to your product. Whether small tins for cosmetic products, round spice tins, or tin packaging for the spirits & beverage industry - at we offer the entire range of round metal packaging. You can also choose from numerous additional features for your packaging - how about a viewing window or special colour effects?

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you!

Oval tins - an eye-catcher with a wide range of applications

In addition to round tins, oval tins complete our product range. Products with oval dimensions are presented with the appropriate packaging and targeted finishing. From simple oval metal packaging for chewing gum or peppermint drops, to fine drops from the spirits sector in a high-quality refined oval tin, every shape & size is offered. Used for long-term storage or as gift packaging, oval tin packaging always cuts a fine figure.


Tin boxes in special formats - not only an eye-catcher for special occasions

Do you already have a concrete idea of your desired tin packaging shape or do you find round, rectangular, square or oval tin packaging too common? No problem! At we also manufacture tins in special shapes according to your specifications. Especially for occasions like Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day, tins in heart shape, ball shape or gift bag shape are in great demand. But not only on special holidays and celebrations are tins in special forms popular, because with the organization of an individual metal packing form you have the possibility your product skillfully in scene to set.

Feel free to contact us with your ideas and wishes - we will realise your dream tin in a special format!