It´s tee time

Tea tins directly from manufacturer

The times when the selection of teas consisted only of black tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea and fruit tea are long gone!

Matcha, green tea and rooibos have conquered their place in the tea world alongside herbal tea and iced tea at the side of the classic
Earl Grey, because the soothing power of teas and the power of nature has long since spread beyond wellness friends.

For Ayurveda applications and also during Lent, tea offers a current
and contemporary added value, especially as a tea present. And just as the many tea varieties have developed further, the new packaging variants
also present themselves in a multitude of design possibilities.

Teas and nice tins belong together like milk and chocolate or summer and sea.

Let yourself be enchanted by the tea tins and create a tin that is as individual as your tea.

Can it be a little different? We have specialised in custom-made products


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