Production of your tin can packaging

Standard tin packaging or special tin packaging production?

Your advantages with and the tin manufacturing process we supervise:

A standard tool pool for different metal packaging sizes and shapes is available at any time and we have experienced tin packaging specialists in our team to implement your order. With nothing stands in the way of a fast and uncomplicated implementation of custom-made tin boxes & standard orders!

Know-How & Experience in the field of metal packaging design and order implementation

As in many other industrial fields, the product landscape with its possibilities is constantly growing and the complexity with regard to new variants and game possibilities is increasing. Who keeps the overview if he has not established himself as a specialist?

Who, besides the expert, knows what is actually meant by "Slide Lid, Spring Lock, Neck-in Body or Double Body, Deboss, Emboss or Flush Lid, Body or Bottom"? Do you want "Lock Seam, Butterfly Seam or Weld Seam , a Window Lid, Easy Open Lid or Plug Lid in Rectangular"? Questions about questions that arise and accumulate with a supposedly simple product such as a packaging tin as a sales booster.

Non-binding advice on tin can packaging production

Our consulting team provides competent and understandable clarity at this point!

With 20 years of know-how, an extensive tool pool, excellent supplier contacts, quality assurance by our own employees on site, commitment and passion, we are the specialist for tin packaging and the order implementation you are looking for.

No lengthy research, no working on ideas that are in danger of failing due to production possibilities, no worries about legal regulations and standards and the good feeling of having a competent, reliable and strong partner at your side to take care of things in your sense - this is our promise to our partners & customers!