Trays for tin packaging

Protection & appealing product presentation in one

We at offer you a large selection of Trays & Overpacks suitable for your product. From foam trays to combinations of paper and plastic. There are no limits to the choice of trays, because we design the outer packaging according to your individual requirements to match the tin packaging. We are happy to develop special tray variations together with you in order to present and protect your products in the tin packaging appropriately .

With trays you can solve two important aspects in the packaging of your products at once, because your products are not only protected against shocks or other environmental influences protected, but also optimally staged. Foam trays, for example for glass perfume flacons, hold your product in place and also secure the flacon during transport. Trays can also represent a decisive added value for your customers - thermoformed elements, for example for tins of sweets, ensure uncomplicated handling of your tin packaging.

If you would like to approach us with your packaging requirements - we have the right outer packaging for you!

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